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Virtual Panels are made up of Animated Personas - AI-models trained to mimic the behaviours, responses and evolving interests of real consumers.

They are plugged into the Internet, reading thousands of articles from hundreds of websites every day, looking for topics that match their specific interests.

Created from data provided by humans, their interests will evolve when exposed to new topics mirroring human discovery.

Why test with Animated Personas?

Unlimited tests since Animated Personas never fatigue.

They represent millions of people, so your research reflects these large sample sizes.

Animated Personas never share, so confidentiality is guaranteed.

Stay Agile. Get real-time results in hours.

Gauge interest of your target audience with early-stage testing, available for:

Marketing research for ads in print.
Ad Copy Testing
Decide on packaging that will get noticed by your customers with Methodify

Product Concept Testing

Marketing research for messaging that gets noticed.

Message Testing

Instant insights for your research needs. Sign up for a demo now to get your first 5 messages tested for free!

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