mTV Episode 4: The Future of ResearchTech – Virtualization puts research at your fingertips

IIeX2019 - Methodify Episode 4mTV Episode 4: The Future of ResearchTech

With new advancements announced almost daily, we sat down with market researchers in our mTV studios at IIeX NA 2019 to hear their perspectives on the future of ResearchTech.

According to Methodify’s Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Mast, to know where ResearchTech is headed begs a much larger conversation about how the entire research process is about to go virtual. We’re on the verge of having research at our fingertips and because of this, research projects and analysis will start moving at light speed.

The virtual moderator CRIS (Conversational Research Insight System), for example, uses similar techniques that a live interviewer would but in chat form, allowing researchers to gather information from interviews with a larger number of people faster than ever possible. And the cherry on top—CRIS also automates the analysis, delivering a comprehensive report that includes the identification of sentiment and key themes for each question.

Another example comes from PersonaPanels, which uses Tanjo’s AI technology to create virtual personas for ongoing ethnographic reporting and real-time message testing. While these personas may be virtual, the simulation of their interests and preferences are based on real data such as customer segmentation studies and purchase data collected from Nielsen HomeScan consumer panel.

Having access to tools like this empowers brands to test new and perhaps out-of-the-box ideas before taking them to market.

As we’ve seen the virtualization of market research allows for more of a test-and-learn approach, bringing the voice of the customer into the development process more often. Solutions like CRIS and PersonaPanels through Tanjo offer increased speed and the opportunity to scale, allowing brands to get customer feedback earlier and more often throughout the marketing process.

At Methodify, we continue to work hard at partnering with innovative and new market research methodologies. Artificial Intelligence is providing our industry with a great deal of insights and these AI-driven tools are where the future is headed.

To learn more about our research methodologies and automation platforms, request a demo here. You can also follow us on social media @Methodifyit on Twitter.  

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