mTV Episode 2: Is ResearchTech an Advantage for Brands?

mTV Episode 2: Is ResearchTech an Advantage for Brands?

New innovations in ResearchTech are finally letting companies “have their cake and eat it too”. Not only are they now able to access consumer feedback faster and cheaper than ever before, they’re also uncovering better insights throughout the entire marketing process, which ultimately leads to the creation of better end-to-end customer experiences.

As sponsors of IIeX North America 2019, the Methodify team spoke with insights professionals and researchers from companies like Wendy’s and CIBC to understand how ResearchTech is benefiting their brands. You can hear what they had to say here:

We also sat down with Methodifys Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Mast to talk about the opportunities brands have to use ResearchTech.

How has ResearchTech positively impacted Methodify clients?

A number of our clients run tests—sometimes severalin advance of campaigns. The benefit with this ‘test-and-learn’ approach is that when it’s time to actually launch their new ad or campaign, it’s more often than not welcomed by consumers, as opposed to being met with backlash and criticism.

For example, the bank RBC is one of Methodify’s longstanding clients and when they came to us, they were looking to quicken the process for managing creative content. The RBC team was able to automate their research process and obtain feedback at a faster rate (what once took four weeks, now takes up to 48 hours); not to mention automating research significantly reduced costs for the bank’s marketing team.

How does ResearchTech inform brand content?

ResearchTech gives marketers a basis on which to go off. When done right, it should act as the starting point for a campaign and inform how that campaign manifests. It really should be informing every aspect of a brand’s content creation, from the strategy sessions, to planning phases to execution.

Can you share your favourite brand campaigns that used ResearchTech?

One of my favourite campaigns would be from our clients at J.P. Wiser’s. The Hold it High campaign was almost entirely crowd-sourced and gave whisky lovers the opportunity to toast each other. One toast was actually a marriage proposal on a billboard in Toronto!

What can brands do to implement ResearchTech into their market research?

Start small. Identify goals, target markets and overall campaign concepts. Look at the various research methods available and try a pilot project that will highlight results from a particular audience segment.

The Methodify platform, for example, has a number of different testing methods. You can request a demo of the platform and speak to our team to create a custom campaign that would show results in as little as 24 hours. It’s much easier than people think.

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