mTV Episode 1: Brand Hesitation to Engage ResearchTech

mTV Episode 1: Brand Hesitation to Engage ResearchTech

For those of you who were at IIeX North America in Austin this year, you may have seen our bustling mTV studio (short for MethodifyTV, of course). Heck, you may have even had your own time to shine in front of the camera with our always charming host, Saul Colt, who raised some interesting questions like what’s in store for the market research industry and why brands are still hesitant to try ResearchTech.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of these videos from the conference and we promise not to include any of the outtakes. Unless you really want to see them, of course.

We’re kicking things off with the video that explores why brands are hesitant to get started with ResearchTech campaigns, featuring commentary from Mars, Dig Insights, CIBC, Ipsos and CRIS Research.

Are there other topics you want to hear about? Let us know by sending us an email. 

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