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RBC has been a valued, trusted Methodify client partner for nearly 20 years. We’ve worked closely with the RBC team to delve deeply into their business for a thorough understanding their key objectives. We’ve worked in partnership to solve strategic questions in ways that will deliver measurable results, while always keeping a forward look on how to help RBC stay ahead of market trends.

In 2016, the RBC team came to us because they had done the diligent and time-intensive work of putting in place a process for developing bi-monthly themes based on research previously conducted. Once that process had been established they soon noticed it was taking a long time for all parties to come to a consensus, due to the number of stakeholders, all of whom brought their own points of view, subjectivity, background and creative vision to the evaluation. The banks marketing team needed to find a faster, more efficient, and fact-based approach to managing its creative content, or risk squandering the opportunity to produce fresh, relevant creative content.

Yet, they would still have to juggle the somewhat conflicting priorities of speed and cost efficiency, while keeping an eye on the integrity of the data being collected and reported.


Enter: Research Automation. The Methodify team worked closely with RBC to develop prototypes of how research automation should work, in an ideal environment. 

Methodify helped RBC to build research methods within the platform, not leaving results up to chance or risk subjectivity in interpretation, which is often the case with other survey platforms. Methodify’s team developed prototypes of how research automation could work, RBC understood our vision and because of our long-standing relationship trusted that we could deliver on their request.

With Methodify the results generated are truly representative of their customers, and truly match the aims sought. Business of all sizes need to be in tune with the insights that will help drive their business. They can’t, however, wait months for this data to be analyzed. Real-time, on-demand tools are needed, which is what RBC learned.

The idea was sound: increase the frequency of research insights. What needed modification was how to ensure a smooth transition from ideation to insights delivered and how to remove the log-jam clogging up the pipeline.  

The key takeaway for our business is that traditional research methods have a problem: decision-makers need quicker feedback, methods are slow, outdated and expensive, which creates a log-jam of requests. By working with Methodify clients get results that are agile, responsive and tailored to the specificity of their needs.

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