Future of Market Research – Methodify at IIeX Atlanta

We came to one of the largest market research conferences in North America to ask some industry experts on what they thought what the future of market research will look like. What are people excited about? What do you think people are looking forward to?

We are back with the final episode in our four-part video series from IIeX North America 2018 where brands gathered to share ideas and trends happening in the market research industry. It’s been our pleasure bringing you insights from the event and today we will end off the month-long series by discussing the future of market research.

In the following video, you will learn what industry experts believe to be the four big technology-driven trends that will most impact and redefine the industry:

  • Hybrid studies emphasizing human touch and human-to-human contact in a world of automation and AI;
  • New and innovative ways of accessing the voice of the customer;
  • Simpler, faster, and more visually stimulating mobile programs; and
  • The advent and adoption of AI and machine learning in market research.

Take a look. Do you agree? Tell us what you’re excited about!

Future of Market Research:

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