Make your customers the most important voice in the room


RBC came to Methodify with a goal: make the customer the most important voice in the boardroom.

RBC uses survey and database metrics to ensure businesses and functional units are provided with timely, actionable, high quality insights to support their decision making. They apply research to commission, design, and manage personal and business units. This means that they need clear concepts to convey messages to customers that will meet customer needs and properly articulate RBC’s offerings. This also required a shift in company culture to be more customer-centric, away from a data-centric emphasis, company-wide.

In a traditional setting, putting the customer first may mean that marketers will do quick research to inform their recommendations. Often, marketers will use crowd sourcing materials that are generic, rather than tailored to their target audiences, for the sake of speed, convenience and cost. Those methods leave too much to chance. When conducting mass market research on a platform not built to deliver unique results you don’t know and therefore can’t measure the bias of that sample audience. These factors call into question the integrity of the results delivered.

RBC sought a better way. They wanted to remove the spin caused by subjective input. They wanted clearer results that they could rely on. They wanted custom research.


Working with Methodify, RBC moved beyond concept testing to build new, repeatable methods for ranking ideas and claims testing. By adapting how data is collected through Methodify RBC has seen timelines shrink from four weeks to 48 hours and has reduced costs by 45%. 

Methodify has tailored the research and data collection process for RBC. We’ll continue to hone and improve upon methods with a keen eye toward emerging tech such as voice analysis and AI.

RBC adopted a company-wide agile iterative approach to consumer insights. They saw immediate benefit from this approach and were successful because management was supportive and because they fostered cultural change within the organization to make insight a part of their process. By working with Methodify they met their goal of putting the consumer in the boardroom, lessening the churn of ideas and long approvals processes by automating their research.

Catch the full story at NEXT Chicago: Winning With Research Technology Starts With Culture Thursday, Jun. 13, 2:50pm to 3:20pm CDT Raj Manocha, President of Methodify & Tim Lauber, Director, Client Experience Design and Insights, RBC

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