A Field Guide to Banishing Bad Advertising: 7 Keys to a Thoughtful Advertising Approach

7 Keys to a Thoughtful Advertising Approach

We’ve all seen it: the advertisement that makes us cringe. Whether it’s on the web or in mainstream media, bad ads leave audiences wondering what happened in the decision process that allowed that concept to get the green light.

2018 has been the year of particularly bad ads. Major brands like Dove, Nivea, McDonald’s, and Uber all caught their fair share of negative customer feedback.

But fear not.

 In this whitepaper, titled “A Field Guide to Banishing Bad Advertising“, we’ve listed a 7-step process to avoid your own advertising mishaps and put the voice of your customers at the center of the process.

The key is that we have to be smarter and more thoughtful about the advertising we put out into the world.

Read on to learn about:

  • How to build feedback and customer voice mechanisms into your business processes
  • How to empower everyone in the organization to gather input and feedback from customers
  • What the best market research solutions are on the market today

When your audiences have the power of real-time feedback in the palm of their hand, it’s imperative to get nimble, customer-focused and deliberate about seeking input and feedback about their advertising and messaging. 

Download the whitepaper now:

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