Changing Times, Changing Consumers. Stay Ahead.

Our automated research platform allows you to stay on top of changing consumer behaviours and sentiments to power your most important business decisions.

Methodify is an automated market research platform that allows you to do complex research with ease

We configure and customize our platform to meet your marketing research needs

A flexible platform that can be configured to your team’s needs

We integrate the latest research technologies into one platform

Integrations with the latest research technologies all in one place

We automate complex research methodologies faster and easier

Advanced audience selection to target the people you need to reach

How Methodify Works

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Find out whether your ideas resonate with your target audience in 3 easy steps:

We have a research solution for almost every marketing challenge.

Define your target audience to achieve relevant feedback

Add your images, video and other content assets.

Methodify lets us handle common research tasks ourselves at the speed our business needs.

Maja Neable
Chief Marketing Officer, BMO

Maja Neable Chief Marketing Officer BMO

Methodify gave us the speed to bring the customer into the boardroom.

Keeshan Selvakumar
Brand Director at Corby Spirit and Wine

Keeshan Selvakumar - Brand Director at Corby Spirit and Wine

Agile is no longer just for startups...

Alan Depencier
CMO, RBC Royal Bank

Keeshan Selvakumar - Brand Director at Corby Spirit and Wine
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Consumers are changing rapidly. Keep up.

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