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Concept Test

Determine which of your concepts resonates most with your target audience, no matter where you are in the creative process.
Schlesinger's QualBoard

Digital Discussions

An enterprise insights tool created to capture rich, agile insights, QualBoard® supports everything from simple DIY discussions to complete global projects.

Survey Builder

Reimagined Survey Builder allows you to easily program your own surveys for specific projects as you need them.


Ad Test
(Sequential Monadic)

Make sure your target audience is on board with your advertising ideas before hitting “go”.

Create Your Own

Create your own method to get the insights your team needs by developing, saving and sharing an agile research tool – built by you.
Messaging Test

Messaging Test

Understand how your messages will impact your brand or product on key metrics.

Concept Test
(Sequential Monadic)

Understand what your target audience thinks of all your concepts, no matter where you are in the creative process.

Ad Test

Ensure your target audience will react positively to your advertising ideas before launching.

Digital Experience Test

Learn how your target audience feels about your digital experience.

Value Proposition Test

Determine which of your value proposition concepts resonates most with your target audience.

Idea Screening

Choose the ideas with the highest potential and reduce the demand on your organization’s resources.

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