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Video responses are a great way to create connections and empathy, helping businesses to thrive. Voxpopme is Methodify’s preferred partner for gathering video responses from study respondents.

Voxpopme is available both as an add-on to our Concept Test methods, or as a standalone product. When your Methodify project closes, the videos will be automatically transcribed and the contents analyzed for sentiment and common themes.

Voxpopme - Video Response and Analysis
Voxpopme - Video Response and Analysis

There’s no complicated video editing to worry about, you simply select the content in the transcript and save it to a list. Highlight videos are automatically created from your selected clips, which can the be shared with your team or clients online, or exported to include in presentations.

Book a demo of Methodify today and we’ll show you how you can add automated video response and analysis to your market research projects.

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