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Monadic vs. Sequential Monadic Surveys

What’s the Difference?

When it comes to time to test a concept, be it an ad, a product, or something else, you need to decide whether you want to use a monadic or sequential monadic survey tool. But what exactly is the difference?

To put it most simply, a monadic survey shows one respondent one concept. A sequential monadic survey shows one respondent multiple concepts. While it seems like a minor difference, this can have big impact on your research project.

A monadic survey is best used when you want to get more in-depth feedback on concepts. By showing respondents only one concept, it takes less time for them to complete the survey while still providing in-depth feedback. This is also beneficial if you concept requires more time to evaluate, such as a video or long piece of copy, as you aren’t taking up as much of your respondents’ valuable time. Monadic surveys also help ensure an uninfluenced response between concepts, as there is no order bias or direct comparison by the respondents.

A sequential monadic survey is a great solution when you have several concepts on the go and need to get feedback quickly. In this method, respondents will evaluate all concepts, one at a time in rotated order, and indicate their preferred concept at the end. A sequential monadic survey will allow you to better compare results between concepts and require fewer respondents overall than a monadic survey.

Both monadic and sequential monadic surveys have an important role to play in the creative or product development process. Understanding which one will best serve your needs at which times will allow you to get stronger results, faster. With Methodify, you can easily access both methods when the time comes.

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