We’ve reimagined what the market research platform looks like.

Methodify now provides more flexibility in every facet of your research process, so you can better execute the research you need, when you need it. Because flexibility isn’t just for dancers, it’s for insights too. Let us show you how.

We’ve been doing a lot of reimagining here at Methodify, but the three key areas we’ve focused on are:

Data Democratization.

Methodify allows you to assign roles and permissions to different team members as appropriate, enabling you to create transparency without sacrificing quality in your market research.

Build your own Research Methods.

Develop, save, and share the custom methods your team needs. Methodify’s new Method Builder makes it easier and faster for you to tailor your methods to your organization and to the project.

Scale your Research Process.

If you've found your organization is conducting large amounts of market research, Methodify Plus can help make that easier. With special rates and early access to our latest capabilities, Methodify Plus makes it faster and easier to scale your research process.


Ready to explore how your organization could use more flexibility in its insights process? Book a demo and let our team help you find the perfect solution.

Methodify by Delvinia was awarded the 2021 Top 50 Innovative Company by GRIT

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Data Democratization

Play Video about Learn Methodify's Build a Method Dance

Build your own Research Methods.​

Play Video about Learn Methodify's Scale Your Research Process Dance

Scale your Research Process.

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