Speaking: 2018 Corporate Researchers Conference

Why every marketer should be rushing to test their digital ads

If you’re attending the Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) next week, we’ll be there too! Methodify is delighted to be sponsoring this year’s event in Orlando and three members of our team are heading down to join you in this insight-filled experience. Our EVP Raj Manocha will be on hand to share some of the innovative work our team is doing with our Methodify platform. So, check your agenda and plan to attend the presentation:

Labatt Case Study: Why Every Marketer Should Be Rushing To Test Their Digital Ads
Wednesday, October 10, from 12 – 12:15 pm in Celebration 3

In this session, Raj will share how Labatt’s understanding of the significance in employing a ‘channel first design strategy’ in marketing has helped them stay ahead of the curve.  He’ll also talk about how Labatt’s digital content being tested on Methodify has proven to be some of the strongest performing assets across Anheuser-Busch InBev globally.

Look for the Methodify team in our adorable Mickey Mouse hats, we’ll be hard to miss!

For more information, visit the Corporate Researchers Conference website.

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