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How THE MVEye used Methodify to gather consumer insights from their first ever European study

Methods Used

Survey Builder; Quantitative Research

Areas of Impact

Marketing, Advertising

The Challenge

MVI Marketing LLC (THE MVEye) has been studying and monitoring lab-grown diamonds (LGD) since 2004, and in 2012 when LGD bridal jewellery reached enough retail stores, THE MVEye launched a series of consumer insights projects to track the interest and acceptance of lab-grown diamonds in the U.S. diamond jewellery market. Its last major quantitative study in the American market was conducted in October 2020. They now sought to conduct their first European survey on the topic, and wanted to reach five different countries: France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Great Britain.

THE MVEye needed to conduct this project quickly and be able to communicate the results easily. They wanted to be able to easily visualize the results for a public report which would compare the results from Europe with those from the United States.

Research Marketing Trackers through Methodify survey tool

Our Solution

To achieve their ambitious goal of surveying consumers from 5 different European countries, THE MVEye turned to Methodify’s Survey Builder tool. Methodify provided an incredibly fast, turn-key online quantitative research solution which was especially critical given 4 of the 5 questionnaires needed to be translated. The project was approved on March 17th and field was able to start on March 18th, with full results from more than 1,530 respondents (a little over 300 from each country) by April 6th.

Furthermore, Methodify was able to provide THE MVEye with data visualization including editable PowerPoint slides and crosstabs with significance testing in real time. This was a vital tool in comparing their results from the European study to their previous one in the US with ease.

Marty Hurwitz

CEO, MVI Marketing LLC

“Not only are the capabilities of Methodify everything we were looking for, but the support of their team made the process a very positive one.”

The Result

By using CRIS as a qual-boost to one of Methodify’s quant methods, John St. was able to quickly and cost-effectively gather all the information they needed. The research was easy to set up, and the results were displayed clearly in the reporting, making analysis simpler. Armed with this data, they could determine a clear direction to build creative on that both their team and the brand had confidence in.

The team will now develop creative options against the winning territory. Once they are prepared they will once again utilize Methodify to test those ideas, and make informed decisions on which to pursue based on robust and high-quality data.

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