Methodify and element54 announce strategic partnership


New AdTrack Express research methodology provides in-market customer feedback

TORONTO, ON (November 2, 2016) – Methodify and element54, a full-service market research firm, have partnered to offer a new research methodology on the Methodify platform.

Launched in October 2015, Methodify is an automated platform that provides marketers with direct access to industry-proven research methods, enabling them to launch a study in three easy steps and access consumer insights in as little as 24 hours.

The AdTrack Express solution, developed by element54 and adapted from the company’s longstanding in-marketing advertising tracking performance framework, enables marketers and researchers to optimize their brands’ creative and media investments with in-market customer feedback and normative targets across key success benchmarks.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with element54 and are excited to be offering access to their new solution on the Methodify platform,” said Delvinia EVP Raj Manocha. “Integrating traditional research methods like the ad-tracking tool with an automated platform like Methodify provides the opportunity for marketers and researchers to access reliable and established methodologies and to conduct research better, faster and cheaper than ever before.”

AdTrack Express empowers users to quickly and confidently decide:

  • Should I continue airing this TV ad?
  • Is my branding strong enough?
  • Are consumers responding to the ad?
  • Is the ad supporting our overall communication objectives?

“Designed around the specific needs of marketers and creative agencies, the AdTrack Express methodology understands the strengths and weaknesses of a TV ad and empowers confident decisions with your advertising investments. The platform was built using a robust and validated set of advertising norms for all key measures,” said element54 President Bernie Malinoff, adding, “We chose to partner with Methodify because of their passion for digital innovation, recognized leadership in Canada, and evolutional needs of the global insight community.”

More than ever, people are looking for automated ways to conduct research and to have more time to act on their insights as opposed to working on their research process. With that in mind, Methodify continues to look for innovative methodologies to add to our platform.

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About Methodify

Methodify is an automated market research platform that enables marketers to gain consumer insights in three easy steps. Providing direct access to industry-proven research methods, marketers can choose one of our packaged methods, customize a method, or use one of their own. With our live reporting feature, marketers will have access to real-time feedback from members of one of Canada’s largest online research panels.

About element54

element54 is a Toronto & Montreal based strategic full-service market research firm, which specializes in Concept & Product Innovation Optimization, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Creative Development Testing, and Brand/Advertising Tracking. The element54 team has managed over 250 Advertising Tracking programs in 30+ countries worldwide, and is a leader in Canadian advertising Norms and benchmarks. For more information, visit

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