Delvinia partners with Voxpopme to offer video insights

Delvinia voxpopme partners for video research insights

Delvinia is proud to announce a partnership with Voxpopme, a market-leading end-to-end video research solutions platform which specializes in capturing, analyzing and sharing content.

Voxpopme enhances Delvinia’s portfolio of innovative data collection solutions by helping brands gain access to unique consumer insights such as video capture for genuine real-time responses, video analytics that provide users with transcription, tagging and automated categorization, as well as visual reporting through snippets and highlight reels.

Delvinia is the first to offer Voxpopme video insights in the Canadian market through our AskingCanadians panel, while our Methodify platform – which offers companies automated custom research solutions for faster, more agile research – is now even more powerful by the inclusion of video feedback.

“The growth of our strategic partnerships indicate a major shift in the way brands and researchers make data-driven business decisions. It’s now more important than ever that brands understand their customers more deeply, and we’re proud to be powering industry leading partners who understand the value of video insight and see the growing demand for real, human feedback,” Dave Carruthers, CEO & Founder of Voxpopme, said in a press release announcing the partnership last week.

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