About Methodify

The origin story of Methodify

Methodify is one of the leading automated market research platforms globally, specifically developed to automate the time consuming and expensive parts of the marketing research process. It was conceived while conducting repeated concept testing with Canada’s biggest bank. Methodify enabled them to do more consumer research faster, without compromising the quality of the feedback.

Methodify makes it easier and faster for companies to access crucial consumer insights at every phase of the product development and marketing process in order to help them make better business decisions. Taking it one step further, the platform is designed to be flexible and provide the configurability needed to suit any organization’s needs. This allows users to gain quality consumer feedback on any kind of product, marketing or experiential question — even the ones they haven’t thought of yet.

Methodify Reimagines Market Research

Methodify envisions a future where market research is democratized, digitally integrated, and fully connected. Our aim is to make insights more accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of skill or experience with research. We seek to continue the digital transformation of market research, making it faster and easier to get necessary data.
As the market research landscape continues to evolve, Methodify aims to provide users with the control they need to streamline their processes and take a future-forward approach to their research. This includes ongoing partnerships and integrations with leading technologies and sample providers. Combining these elements will push Methodify toward becoming the operating system for market research.

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